Tell me why you cryin sis..

You tell me don’t nobody understand how your broken heart feels 

So you like to keep it in your journal. 

Black ink. Barely can think. Nocturnal.

So. let me flip through the pages and

dates and times 

of all those phases you went through

First insecurity, 

Then unsurety, 

Then there was that moment that you felt impurity

Thought you loved a brother, but he didn’t you love you the same

Rebounded with another that played you out like a game 

Settled down for some time

Got your spirit revived

Took some time away to eat the good fruit of virtue

Then here he came along

You thought he was the one. Thought he never would hurt you. 

But he became another journal entry full of wet spots from your tear drops. 

Praying to the Father. when will this stop?

But it only stops where it began, sis

First you gotta reevaluate your interest

Too much focusing​ 

and thinking bout these men, sis

Take it from a scholar. Let me recommend, this

Learn about you value and your worth as a daughter of the Most High

don’t be amused by every brother that come walk by

If you gotta isolate yourself and be distant

Just give ya heart exactly what it needs and it’s been missin

some time to heal, sis.

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An excerpt by Tatiana M.R. Johnson from her book “For the Love of Black Girls”

Purchase here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521706255/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-ztWzb13YW74E


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An excerpt from Dom Garrett-Scott’s poem she intends to publish soon in an upcoming collection of poetry titled “attempting alchemy”


I met God and she was black. She was honey molasses, burnt cinnamon, she was copper, she was liquid gold. She smiled like me and she laughed like you. She looked a lot like you. She was contagious, and she made me feel infinite. 

She told me to tell you that they can’t fathom you because you don’t fit into the image they constructed for you. You are infinite. That makes them feel small. 

She told me to tell you to breathe. You will not be broken. To take a moment… And breathe in this place that suffocates you. She told me to tell you that you are a force. A force of nature. 

You cannot be moved, you cannot be shaken. You cannot be broken. She told me to tell you that you are ever evolving, ever changing. Infinite. She told me to tell you to seek refuge in education. Knowledge is infinite. Find a safe place in the victories of the women before you, cover yourself in their resilience, wash your hair in their courage. 

She told me to pass along a praise for how far you’ve come and a prayer for the journey ahead. One foot in front of the other, beloved. She said to remind you that you grow, even in darkness. You blossom against the current of life.

She told me that you are her muse. You inspired the creation of the ocean. She shaped continents like your hips, fashioned sycamores like your thighs, made mountains that pierce the clouds to graze her fingertips so that every full moon she can wipe your tears and send you peace. 

She told me that sometimes the universe is jealous. But it adores you. That it orbits around you because you are the center of revolution. You are a revelation. 

She told me to tell you that you were made in her image. 

And that you are infinite.

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Love who you are, nurture one another, boost each other egos. Stop letting outsiders of our colored circle define who we are and make us hate one another. Stop settling for mediocre. Build yourself up! Expand your mind, expand your horizon. Be classy, eat healthier, go work for that body YOU want, be mindful of the energy you consume, start a business, BOSS UP, be a better you, be great! Everything you need to succeed is already within you, find it. I say all this to say this, those outside of our community are watching, they claim to hate you but in reality they wanna be you sis. They want to see us tear each other down, fight and manipulate each other. Let’s show them that we do love each other that we are supportive. We have to stand together, uplift each other, encourage each other, compliment each other! Be great sis and nevertheless BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK GIRL 👑✨

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