Withholding Nothing


So on Monday I posted “We’re all gatekeepers of some form of information”, this wasn’t from me. My good friend Robert was basically taking me and his girlfriend Alexis, through this conference that he was able to attend. It was a very eye opening experience for him and he felt the need to practice his gatekeeper duties by passing along information he had access to. Listening to him speak about all of us having information that is valuable to SOMEONE really struck me. He said that we are never useless, we always have opportunities to be some kind of resource to someone else. He asked the question, “Are you projecting powerlessness?” are you projecting powerlessness by not owning up to your skills and what you have to provide to people that need it? That need you. This talk changed my entire perspective on my personal journey. I realized that my journey is literally something that needs to be shared. I am a gatekeeper to a lot of things, even if it feels small to me.

Fast forward to today, Thursday. I posted my #DearBlackGirl and it’s pretty much in the same vein of being a resource and understanding that it’s a tool of uplift and empowerment. I now view my reason to explore new things, learn new things, create new things not only as a means to benefit me. But honestly I want to do all these things so I have the knowledge and capacity to put other people on. I feel like we’ve been tricked into believing that knowledge can’t be a privilege, and that there isn’t enough resources, audience, etc. for every single one of us to flourish. Of course I want a seat at the table, but I’m trying to get to the table just so I can pass some plates back, some forks, a napkin, you good sis? I believe once we take on this mentality we’ll be unstoppable. YOUR GIFT, YOUR TALENT IS NOT JUST SOLELY FOR YOUR BENEFIT! Your greatness lies directly in your impact. We need YOU. You have something to offer that can advance many, and then they can advance more and then it’s like a domino effect. You can start a fire that many need.

I just want you to first realize that YOU ARE SPECIAL. Yes you are unique! That’s something I’m having to realize about myself as well. Man, regardless of how normal people will try to make you feel, how they will try to dim your light, it’s a trick. Some people even want you to believe that understanding how different you are is a cliche. But it’s not. That’s the first step. Walk into your dopeness, let’s just own up to it. We lit. There, it’s said. Let’s make conscious efforts to recognize our own raw beauty and share our knowledge with anyone looking to elevate themselves. It’s your duty to. No point in being full and the people around you hungry. We all gone eat! You won’t ever have to force your knowledge/journey, the ones that truly need to be filled will reveal themselves to you. They’ll be open to what you have to offer. Find your #Libheration and it’ll bleed into your tribes and beyond.

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