Needing nothing, attracts everything.

I_m beginning to think of myself in the same way I do my home. If I keep my own supplies, I (2)

So I was scrolling on Instagram the other day, and I came across this post. It said “I realized I attracted everything when I needed nothing”. This spoke so deeply to me, lol I basically shared it with anyone that would listen. That’s a word! I want to have so much within myself that I won’t have to look for those traits in other people. I want to become dependent on me. I think a lot of us need so much validation because we don’t validate ourselves. To “need nothing” doesn’t mean that you won’t need friends, or you won’t need help. It just speaks to being content. When you have love for you, you won’t need to go beyond that. The love from others is just a plus, but you won’t lack if that love stops. I believe once we understand true fulfillment and wholeness for ourselves that’s when life will grant “additives”.

I’m beginning to think of myself in the same way I do my home. If I keep my own house equipped, I won’t have to go looking to borrow from a neighbor. If I keep myself equipped.. with love, care, respect, loyalty, etc. then I won’t have to go beyond “my home” to find those things. We all know, when you borrow something, eventually you have to give it back. So when we look for happiness, love, validation, joy, peace, sound minds, compliments in other people or in materials, it’s the same thing. We will have to eventually give that “feel good” back. If that person leaves, or they switch up or if that thing that makes us so happy is destroyed, then what? Stop borrowing. A lot of us have gotten so used to temporary satisfaction that it’s becoming a cycle. It’s okay for people or things to ADD to your happiness, but to make these things the center of your energy may leave you drained and disappointed.

Being “needy” sometimes puts us in a place to accept things we normally wouldn’t. To go back to our homes. If you keep ya pantry packed, what can a neighbor offer you? Having your own puts you in a different head space. When you’re already full you can be picky. When you already got it, you don’t have to accept anything, unless you see a specific space for it. A lot of us accept any and everything because the pantry empty. Take time to restock. Everything that you’re searching for, try finding/creating it within yourself first!



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