Walking in purpose

Landon Barbers' Grooming Kit

For a long time I’ve heard people talking about having purpose. One of the first places I remember hearing about living your purpose was in church. I remember praying and asking God, what’s my purpose? I would pray that somehow I would end up on the path that was meant for me. The crazy thing is, fulfilling your purpose isn’t as big of a puzzle of confusion as we think. You just have to pay attention to what gives you drive, pay attention to the things that make you happy. I’ve had so many “decided” paths lol, I just knew I was going to be a lawyer, then I became positive I would be a pharmacist. That was quickly shattered by Bio 160. I’ve majored in dietetics and nutrition. The sad thing is.. I just spent so much time trying to spell nutrition just then, like spell check couldn’t even help me out lol. Anyways, child I even thought about being an engineer. I was so tied up in finding myself that I didn’t pay attention to what I enjoyed all along. When you begin to walk in your purpose it seems like life just comes together like you need it. That doesn’t mean that things won’t be hard sometimes, but for me, all the things and people I needed to get to where I wanted to go was already around me. It’s all so crazy to me. Don’t be fooled, there are actually a lot of people out there who will support you. People you’ve never physically met, all the people you just “know of”. When I started Libheration it was just a leap, I wanted to start when I had everything together and perfect, but a friend said “just start small, start building your community”. I just put forth action and things begin to happen. I’ve been connected to so many amazing, talented people. I’ve always said that this has nothing to do with me. None of my success, ideas, connections, moves are an attest to me. I can’t really take credit, I feel like I’m just a vessel. I know it’s God. You know Chance The Rapper says “blessings keep falling in my lap” that’s the feeling.

Also, in maintaining your purpose, you CAN NOT pay attention to other people. This is something I say ALL the time. Because it’s so vital. You can’t stay focused on your journey if you’re comparing yourself to other people. You have to appreciate and trust your process. You have to find a balance in appreciating where you are and being stagnant .. one of my best friends made this great point. She was like everybody always saying to appreciate where you at, but sometimes where you at is because you not making moves to go to the next level. That was so profound to me, appreciate your journey, but never get complacent.

I said all this to encourage anyone to began that thing you’ve been thinking about for a minute. Just put a little effort into it, make your first jump. It’s so worth it. When you begin to chase the thing that makes you happy, it comes easy. You don’t have to work so hard, because it’s everything that you were made to do. So you’ve already been equipped. Ain’t that amazing? That’s like Sister of the Traveling Handz, I’m starting to believe that each of us were connected to begin something beyond ourselves. We were first brought together by our sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, and then we all used the same hustle we used in working that sorority. A lot of people don’t realize that’s it’s a business, and that honestly doing work for your sorority is work experience. It’s an incorporation. We used those skills, to put work in for ourselves. Now we’re all in places, on bigger platforms, able to make a difference. I realized that having women around you who support is a driving force. I want every woman to experience this feeling, you have women to hold you accountable, to connect you to resources, help you, teach you. I want both Libheration and Sisters of the Traveling Handz to grow into that community, and I know it will. Again, take the chance ladies. You will not only do something great for yourself, but you’ll also inspire more people to do the same thing! Go ahead, just take the first step, and before you know it you’ll be full fledged walking in your divine purpose!

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