Why did I start Libheration?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

One day I decided that my journey was just that, my own. I found my own libheration. I felt free and I wanted this for other women.

So lately I’ve been getting asked what made me start Libheration? People are wondering where did the concept come from? It’s a nice play on words, it’s creative, it gets the people going. Lol no seriously. The concept started very small, I just wanted to do something for women. I began my own journey of finding myself, and I realized that things are more simple than we believe. I began to pay attention to myself and to my happiness. I felt free. I only began to feel free when I started to live only for myself. I stopped watching what everybody else was doing, and focused on myself. I realized that comparison is TOXIC. For a long time I struggled with where I was in life. I was still in undergrad, for the SIXTH year. I hated school. I hated my job. I hated where I lived. I pushed away the people who care about me the most. It wasn’t intentional, it was just a manifestation of how I felt inside. I thought I was moving too slow, I saw friends making major moves. I saw everyone I started with get into medical school, law school, land dream jobs, get engaged, living the life. Per my perception.

One day I decided that my journey was just that, my own. I found my own libheration. I felt free and I wanted this for other women. I’ve always enjoyed marketing/branding so I decided to do for myself what I had been doing for other people for years. I wanted my brand to represent sheer freedom. Liberate immediately came to mind. I thought synonyms of free. It was freedom. & it was for women. BOOM Libheration was birthed, and let’s not get it twisted, I never started this as a declaration of my perfection. This is just an expression of my own truth and I hope that in turn other women realize that their truth is fine too. It’s okay to be where you are, as long as you’re striving on your own terms to be better. Better for you won’t look like what better for me looks like. We are all unique, so our journeys will be too. I wanted Libheration to be a genuine community of black women pushing and supporting each other. I wanted testimonies that could free other women, and that’s what it became. I’ve gotten so much support from the very beginning. I am excited about continuing this journey. The goal is to help other women on the way.

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